Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Mats Larsson (Sweden)

Dr. Russell J. Barbour (UK)

Dr. Yong Yang
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Dr. Chunhua Dong
University of Science and Technology of China

Dr. Xuefeng Jiang
Washington University in St. Louis


Graduate Students

Dr. Xudong (Sherman) Fan
Professor, University of Michigan

Dr. Mark Phillips
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
mark.phillips [at]

Dr. Scott Lacey
Medical Physicist, Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, Eugene
smlacey16 [at]

Dr. Phedon Palinginis
SolarWorld, Inc.
ppalinginis [at]

Dr. Sasha Kruger
stavennerkruger [at]

Dr. Yumin (Raymond) Shen
Infinera, Inc.
shenraym [at]

Dr. Susanta Sarkar
Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines
starker [at]

Dr. Youngshin Park
Research professor, University of New Mexico
ypark19 [at]

Dr. Shannon O’Leary
Assistant Professor, Lewis and Clark College

Dr. Carey Phelps
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Oregon
cphelps2 [at]

Dr. Timothy Sweeney
Laboratory for Physical Sciences, University of Maryland
tsweeney [at]

Dr. Nima Dinyari
Associate Director, Industrial Internship Program, University of Oregon
kdinyari [at]

 Dr.  Andrew Golter 
dgotler [at]

 Dr. Victor Fiore
fiore [at]

 Dr. Thomas Baldwin
baldwin [at]

 Dr. Thein Oo
too [at]

 Dr. Mayra Amezcua
mamezcua [at]