Year Name Title
2015 Thomas Baldwin Trion Based Optical Processes in Semiconductor Quantum Wells
2015 Victor Fiore Optomechanical Light Storage and Related Transient Optomechanical Phenomena
2014 Andrew Golter Optical Control of Electron Spins in Diamond
2012 Khodadad Nima Dinyari Coupling Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond Nanopillars to Whispering Gallery Microresonators
2011 Timothy Sweeney Coherent Control of Electron Spins in Semiconductor Quantum Wells
2011 Carey E. Phelps Ultrafast Coherent Electron Spin Control and Correlated Tunneling Dynamics of Two-Dimensional Electron Gases
2009 Young-Shin Park Radiation Pressure Cooling of a Silica Optomechanical Resonator
2008 Shannon O’Leary Coherent Optical Manipulation of Electron Spins in Semiconductor Nanostructures
2007 Yumin Shen Coherent Nonlinear Optics of Electron Spins in Semiconductors
2006 Sasha  Kruger Homogenous Linewidth and Spectral Diffusion in Semiconductor Nanocrystals
2006 Susanta Sarkar Tunable All-Optical Delay via Nonlinear Optical Processes in Semiconductor Quantum Wells
2004 Phendon Palinginis Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy of Dipole and Electron Spin Coherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures
2003 Scott Lacey Ray and Wave Dynamics in Three Dimensional Asymmetric Optical Resonators
2002 Mark  Phillips Electromagnectically Induced Transparency in Semiconductors
2000 Xudong Fan Cavity-QED Studies of Composite Semiconductor Nanostructure and Dielectric Microsphere Systems