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Quantum optics with spins, excitons, and mechanical oscillators.

APS March Meeting 2018

Members of the Wang lab will be at the 2018 APS March Meeting! Stop by these two sessions to see what we are up to!

Session B27: Optomechanics II (Monday, March 5 @ 1PM)

Mark Kuzyk and Hailin Wang, “Directional phononic network of spin-mechanical resonators.”


Session X21: NV Centers in Diamond (Friday, March 9th @ 9:30AM)

Ignas Lekavicius, Thein Oo, and Hailin Wang, “Phononic Crystal Based Spin-Mechanical Systems in Diamond.”

Controlling NV Centers Using Mechanical Waves

Check out our latest publication: Optomechanical Quantum Control of a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond

Research associate D. Andrew Golter. Credit: University of Oregon

Research associate, D. Andrew Golter, poses next to the NV center setup.  
Credit: University of Oregon

It was featured on Science Daily and Physics World.


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